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Why Animated?

  • Animated is chosen by our customers because of our high quality, performance, delivery, competitive pricing, overall capabilities, pro-active customer service and financial stability.

  • For over 60 years Animated has specialized in long-run, permanent tooling production; short run parts are handled on a more limited basis. A wide variety of heavy duty presses, allows for great flexibility of product manufacture. The range of products includes parts for the farm implement trade, garage door openers, electromechanical parts, after-market automotive replacement parts, construction hardware, electrical hangers, medical, lawn and garden equipment… and even specialty items for the floral industry. Animated Manufacturing Company is your complete source for quality metal stampings in a range of materials from different types of steel and stainless to brass and copper.

Over 60 Years Experience & Knowledge in Long-run, Permanent Tooling Production

Skilled craftsman, a complete tool and die shop and project engineering able to give fast and accurate estimates and offer special suggestions that may speed the delivery and/or add to the cost effectiveness of the job.

Our Process

How We Work

Our stamping manufacturing facility can work with your engineers to produce whatever type of parts that you require. Metal fabrication in Illinois and all across the United States. has a home in Animated Manufacturing Co.


We work with your company's engineers to identify the requirements.


We build the tooling necessary to create your parts.


We get to work producing your parts as and when needed.